We Are One

Channelled November 13, 2009
By Rev. Wendy Hudson

Greetings my Beloved Ones. I Am that I Am. We are pleased to have been invited into your sacred space today. We feel welcomed and loved and highly anticipated by you. We are being heard today in this moment through the one that you know as Wendy.

Yet in our realms we know her as AhShyee. We shall call her by this as it is a close as we can come to the vibration using human sound. Each of you are known by a spiritual name in our realms as well. If you close your eyes and breathe, and ask to hear your name, your energetic signature, you will hear it. It may not sound like anything you can pronounce. And very often, it will sound like something you can not possibly reproduce. In our realms, we use sound vibrations instead of words to communicate and therefore your name will be a tone or a set of tones instead of a human sound.

We are here with you in response to your call. We have heard you. We tune in to your feelings, to your pleadings, to your questions. We’ve heard your cries, you plead with us in the night; you plead with us as you go through hard days, as you go through your “stuff”. And we hear you, as your heart breaks, as you are overcome with sadness and despair, we hear you. We are now here; we are answering those who have called to us, those who seek answers from the universe. We are always with you in every moment. Do not doubt. We walk with you, through your agony and through your joy and we are here in response to your pleadings for us to answer you.

We ask you to breathe. This is a very good place to begin. As you breathe, you affirm that you are alive and that you are here on this planet, in a human body that is alive and that is grounded. You need to be grounded in all of your moments, for times are coming that may be very difficult for some of you. We are not here to forecast gloom and doom. We are here to make you aware that your journey should you choose to accept the journey of your spirit may be trying to your human self. Yet it is the only way for you to fully embrace your spirit, in every moment; it is the only way for you to acknowledge your true identity as the most magnificent, wonderful and awe inspiring creature that ever has existed.




We Are One

The Christmas Feast

We speak of you. We speak of the ones, you, who have taken this journey in human, physical form. You do not want to be any where else in these time but in your human, physical forms even though you often just want to give up and come back to our side of reality. You truly do not know the value of your human form during these times. It is in human form that you can resolve issues that have been keeping your separate from your true self lifetime after lifetime. This is the lifetime, if you choose it, that you can begin to awaken to this; this is the lifetime that you can transform yourself in every aspect of self into that which you already are, but have forgotten.

We are the energy of One, the energy of All That Is. We are here, we are coming to you, we are merging with you, we are calling to you, to become who you really are, now, in this moment. We are the collective, we are the One, and we consist of all of the angels, all of the archangels, all of your spirit guides, all the masters. We are a collective, a group, as you are part of the collective and of the group.

We ask you to breathe consciously breathe and let your breath reaffirm who you are in every moment. This will help you to be aware, to be grounded and to reaffirm that you choose to stay in a physical form and become that that you really are. Breathe that in. It is time to begin to focus your intentions on that of who you choose to be and not the energy of where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through. There are many dramas, your issues, your wounds. Yes, these have made up who you are in this moment, yet in this moment you can choose something different for yourself. You can choose to be that that who you’ve always wanted to be, that you’ve always dreamed of being.

And so, my beloved dear ones, we are here today in the form of All That Is. And as we continue our conversations with you, we may take the form of your many guides, your many angels, your many archangels that are all part of the collective energy of All That Is. In our future sessions, there may be times that we will have, let’s call them guest speakers that will come to you because that will mean that you as a collective group are working on a particular energy in that particular moment. We will always bring to you the highest vibrational energy that you will accept.

We ask you, beloved ones to get out of your minds and drop down into your hearts. Let your hearts open to the information that we will be sharing. To all the questions you’ve wanted answers to for so long, we will try to bring this to you. For so long, most of you have been looking in the wrong place for your answers. You’ve been asking, you’ve been yelling, you’ve been screaming, you’ve been getting angry at the wrong people. We have some very general guidance and answers to give to you, but the correct place for you to go for your answers is not yelling and screaming at us, but is to go inside yourself, look at where you’ve come from, look at who you’ve become and then look at who you choose to become. You do not need us; you only need yourselves.

This concept may be very difficult for many of you. You hold certain beliefs about who you are in the universe and most of the time the messages you receive from others are that you are just lowly humans who have no say over what happens to you. This has been a misconception that has perpetuated lifetime after lifetime of giving your power away to something outside of yourself that you perceive as “running things”. Indeed, we shall speak in more detail about this in our coming conversations. You may grow tired of us always telling you to “go inside for your answers”, yet that is where the only truth you’ll ever needs exists.

We are here to help you and to guide you in whatever way we possibly can and we would now be very pleased to take your questions.

1st Question: Does my father David have a message he would like to give me?

Beloved one, go into your heart. Your father, who we presume has passed is very present with you. Beloved loved ones who have gone over to the other realms will stay with you for some time until they feel that you are OK. They will often try many different ways of communicating with you. Listen to everything that is around you. Listen to the songs on the radio, pay attention to the books that you read, pay attention to those messages that you may hear on the outside but the messages from your loved ones will come to you if you listen to your heart and you connect your heart to their heart. You will receive everything you need by quieting your mind and quieting the doubt that you may be having, that you need someone else to give you the message. Your father David is in a wonderful place. He is at peace and yet there is still an attachment with wanting to make sure that you are OK. He is OK and he wants you to be OK as well. So go inside, do not doubt what you are hearing. That is your message that you wanted to receive from him.

~ Thank you.

2nd question is very similar to the first. I need to know if my husband is still close to me and does he think I’m doing OK?

Again, we would ask you to ask yourself are you doing OK? Be honest with yourself when you ask yourself this question, “How am I doing?” The other thing we would like you to be aware of is to ask yourself why are you attached to what someone else thinks of you and how you are doing? Ask it of yourself instead. The energy that you are feeling, the energy that you are dealing with is yours and we would encourage you to know that your husband is fine. He’s in a wonderful place and all that he wants for you is to be in a wonderful place too. So you can basically, Beloved one who asked this, ask yourself that question of “how am I doing?” And trust the answer you receive.

We encourage you to go into whatever emotions you are experiencing; go where you need to go and grieve. It hasn’t been long. You are still grieving and we ask you to allow yourself to go through that process in whatever way you need to go through it. Be assured that you will be together again. When a loved one passes on, they simply drop the physical body. Everything that they were and everything that they still are is exactly the same. They have just changed their state of consciousness and they have changed their energetic form. They still care for you and your well being. By taking care of yourself, you will eventually release and bless your husband, and that in turn, will help him to move on.

~ Thank you.

3rd question. Angels please show me or tell me. I believe in all of you but I have my doubts this evening. Can you help me in this area?

We chuckle. We do not mean to offend. The questions that you have as to whether or not you are alone in the universe, whether you are being guided in every moment, these are questions that we hear everyday. And we chuckle and we laugh, not to disrespect you but we wonder in our state of being, how could you not know that you are connected in every moment to all of us? There is no separation between you and us. We are all one.

As humans, you have chosen to wake up in a physical body, forgetting who you are. We have no concept of this since we have never experienced this. And we hold you in the highest esteem and we honour you for the journey that you have chosen to take. We, the angels, the guides, we are in awe of you. We honour you because we did not have the courage to do what you’ve done. But we will. Our turn is coming soon. As you transform yourselves back into your original, energetic forms, you and us, we will be changing places. And you will be guiding us as we now guide you.

Have no doubt beloved ones that we never leave you. We are always with you since we are all one. We are constantly whispering in your ears. We are constantly bringing you events to bring you into your feelings. We are constantly setting you up to meet the right people at the right time. You call these coincidences. I assure you they are not as they have been well planned and orchestrated. Where we as guides run into difficulties is when you exercise this thing you call free will. We go ahead of you and set up things for you. The right person you’re going to meet, to speak with, that will change your perceptions or orchestrate you taking a different path in your lives. Then, because of your free will, at the last moment, you decide to turn left instead of turning right. It is comical to us that we send what you call intuitions that tell you one thing, but instead, you decide to do something else.

You do have the choice however because that is the gift you have been given. If you turn right instead of left, or left instead of right, be assured we will continue to set things up for you in a way that you will receive your messages; you will meet the right people at the right time; the correct book for you to read in the correct moment will appear. So be assured that we are with you always. We are sorry the one who asked this question that you sometimes feel so separate from us. This is the illusion you have given yourself so you can rediscover your own truth. But be assured, there is no separation. You are us, and we are you. We are One and that shall never change.

~ Thank you.

Question#4. I’m thinking of opening my own business. Am I on the right path?

Oh beautiful. This is a beautiful question. We would like you to tune into the thoughts the feelings, the ideas that brought this concept to you in the first place. The one who asked this question, we understand what you’ve been going through. We understand the unhappiness that you’ve had with what you call your job. We understand that you are choosing to take yourself down a different path and as you tune into the thoughts and the feelings that we gave to you in the first place, we ask you to accept these as a truth for yourself. Most of you doubt your messages. You doubt your ideas. You doubt your inspirations. You doubt how worthy you are. You doubt constantly yourselves, your abilities, your capabilities. We are asking you to respect your creative ideas. These dreams, these visions are the true you wanting to manifest into this reality. Go with your heart. Your heart is where we speak to you. Your heart is where we will deliver the feelings that you have about anything in your life. Listen to your heart.

Follow your joy, for joy is the language of your spirit and the part of you that is never wrong. Where most of you have problems is that your spirit is trying to tell you something, but you decide not to listen. You find yourself in a job you hate, that brings you no joy but that you must stay in so you can pay your bills. You doubt your own creative abilities and the power you have within to create anything you want, including all the money you need. If you continue to operate from lack of, you shall create more of the same in your life. When you follow the abundance and wealth of ideas that your spirit brings to you, that shall fill you with joy and you shall then operate from a place of abundance and wealth that has no choice but to spill over into your physical world.

So yes, Beloved one. If this an idea that was inspired, do not doubt that you can accomplish this and you are the one who is creating it for yourself and as you know, as quickly as you create something, you can un-create it by this thing called free will. So do not doubt. If the idea of opening your own business brings you joy we would ask you to follow that joy. You won’t be wrong and you will never regret it.

~ Thank you.

Question #5: What is stopping me for wanting more for myself?

In a simple answer- unworthiness. Unworthiness is one of the issues beloved ones that will stop you in your tracks from accomplishing all those things that you do so deeply desire. Unworthiness, denial of what you deserve, denial of knowing yourself as an all powerful creator, these are the things that will stop you in every instance. Tune in to your true identity. Listen to what spirit is telling you and notice that you do not hear us in every moment. Explore these very deep parts within you that are shutting down the fact that you are worthy and you are capable and that you deserve, all of you, you deserve the best of everything. You deserve to be treated with respect and you deserve everything that you are dreaming of for yourselves. If you do not believe this you will not create it. Please trust what we tell you. You are the orchestrator of your reality in every moment. There are some things you can do, some things you can try, some work you may need to do within yourself, and we would suggest that there are many others in the room that will help you. There are those who have come full circle in their journey, the healers, the guides who are living amongst you and there are many of you present in this room and there are others who are in the human realms that may be able to help you to uncover the secret of what might be stopping you from accomplishing your dreams.

~ Thank you.

Question 6: What do you want me to know right now?

Listen to your heart. Take a deep breathe…quiet your mind, take another deep breathe…..and listen. Listen to your feelings. Listen to the voice in your head, listen to your heart. We get this question very often and this simply reflects the part of you that does not already know that you are connected with All That Is. Listen to yourself. We can not tell you this enough because this is where your answers lie; within you. You have so much potential. You have simply not fully awakened yet and this is as it should be, for this is part of your journey. To the one who asked the question, which is a question you have all asked at some point, breathe, quiet your mind, breathe some more and bring the energy into your heart and you will get the answers that you seek in every moment.

~ Thank you.

Question 7: This is the last question and it is in two parts. My daughter Ashley is really sick. How can I support her and guide her? And secondly, my son Jonathon is rebelling and everything I do seems to only make things worse. What do I need to do to help him on the right path?

Addressing the first part of the question, when most of you get physically ill, that is your body’s way of telling you something very important. Physical illness is the fastest way of getting rid of low vibrational energy within all of the bodies, be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic. None of you like to be sick because you don’t feel good. However, quit often, and you’ve all done this, you work yourselves, and work yourselves, and work yourselves, endlessly. You keep going, and going and going. You make yourselves busy; you have this to do, you have that to do, and it must be done now. You have things coming up next week and the week after that and you do not pay proper attention to the things that your body is telling you. And before you know it, because of lack of sleep, because of lack of care of yourselves, you find yourselves physically ill.

Listen to your body. Listen to all of your bodies since you do not have just one. You have a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body and all these bodies operate as one unit. When one of your body’s is out of balance, is over worked, hasn’t had enough rest, hasn’t had enough time to reflect inside and to properly process the energy that might be coming in, one of the body’s gets out of balance. The physical body being sick, diseased, ill is simply a reflection of needing the rest so it can come back into balance. We tend to be called in when you are sick. You pray to us, you plead to us to make you better. Again, by listening to what your body, your bodies are telling you, you have the power within yourself to bring everything back into balance in every moment.

So if your beloved one is sick, all you can do is support them, try to make them comfortable and reassure them that it shall pass, and that they have the power within themselves to restore health. Often, when you are so sick that you can’t function or even think straight, you may need some extra help. The one asking the question, you have the power within you to help that individual by simply loving, and radiating positive energy from yourself and loving that individual enough to let them go through what they need to go through in every moment. This will be the best way you can support them.

The second part of the question may be a little more difficult to give you a straight answer for. If someone is rebelling, they are rebelling against the limits, the boundaries, the controls and the structures that have been put on them. Perhaps they just need to be heard, perhaps they need to be supported in their own dreams that they feel that they have become powerless to manifest. Talk to the person who is rebelling from your heart, speak to them, ask them truly what they need from you. If you come to them with an open heart, truly open, they will respond to you in a positive, uplifting way and it may be as simple as asking what they need. All you can do is to provide a safe environment for them to speak to you or not to speak to you. Often, things are so bottled up inside that it may take a while for them to open up to you.

Take a look also at what this person is triggering in you. Are you putting unreasonable limitations on them based on how you were brought up? These things are never presented to anyone without an opportunity for everyone involved to heal.

We are so pleased that you have invited us to be with you and to speak with you tonight. We look forward to our next conversations and we ask you to take away the remembrance of one truth tonight. The truth that you are One with all that is and we are All That Is.

~ Thank you.

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