The Christmas Feast

As channelled by Rev. Dr. Wendy Hudson
December 13, 2009

For some reason, this Christmas is different for me than others have been. I am feeling very blah, almost sad and quite frankly could care less if it’s Christmas or not. I’m not sure why this is, so I decided to go to ask the universe what is really going on. As usual, I received an answer that felt right for me, and that I would like to share with all of you. I believe it may help others who might be feeling the same way and give us some insights as to why we are so tired and weary to continue sometimes. I hope you get as much out of it as I did. Merry Christmas to all.

Love Wendy

I am the one you know as Yeshua or for others Jesus. And can you imagine that it was I who started this whole event, this whole season you now call Christmas. Of course, there are many other traditions and religious beliefs that are also being celebrated at this time as well, but since you asked me about your Christmas feelings, I shall address those and those of your foundational religious beliefs. The world is celebrating my birth upon this earth as a saviour and indeed that was one of the reasons I was born- to help the people of that time by showing them how to save themselves. As like most of the divine workings that occur upon your earth though given the very limited human understandings of these events, most of my purposes have been completely misconstrued. Are you ready to hear a truth? Can you open your heart enough and close your mind enough to allow another truth come in?

Not much has changed in the last 2000 years. When I was born into human flesh, the thinking of the times demanded justice, war, defeat by fighting each other for this thing you call power. Mankind called money power, ownership of lands power, armies bigger than their enemy’s army power and at every turn, when they did not have these things, they felt powerless. They felt less than. They looked to your world leaders for justice, yet all they got was more war, death, destruction. The people of my earthly birth time felt overpowered, unworthy, defeated, victimized and unfairly treated by those who they thought held the power upon them. They were looking for a leader, for someone to come along and give them back their power by defeating the Romans in war. As I said, nothing has changed in 2000 years. Much of mankind are still the same, making war, trying to hoard your power objects like money, land, followers, etc.

And so, my beloved, I was called. The masses of human consciousness created me, a saviour, one who would lead them out of their bondage. This is why you call me “The Son of Man” since I was your creation and a direct answer from the divine that many of you call God. The answers to their prayers came from the divine mind, not from the earthly ones. Heaven opened unto itself and provided the highest vibrational answer it could- a representation of unconditional love in human form. It has always been mankind’s struggle to come to grips with this concept. Based on your dualistic world and the illusion of power that exists, still today, it has been very difficult to reconcile the idea of “loving your enemy” no matter what.

I came to earth to plant a seed, a seed of consciousness called The Christ seed. Many of you were there with me too. You helped me accomplish this; you helped to bring this energy in and helped to bury it deep within the earth so it could grow and prosper. The Christ energy was not about saving others by means of war, by defeating the enemy that they saw in other men, but to save themselves by means of unconditional love. My entire purpose became something that was not meant to be but nonetheless, mankind, as it always has done in the past, has taken this energy and distorted it, twisted it and turned it into that of earthly purpose instead of divine purpose.

My purpose was to show mankind another way, a way that was not earthly, but heavenly, a way that would have freed them from their enslavement for all eternity. There were a few who understood this. There was a group who helped me plant these ideas, these truths upon mankind. Yet, how can the masses possibly bring themselves into their hearts when all earthly existence for them was about survival, fighting, one tribe against another and this illusion of power being outside of them? They couldn’t. That is why this seed of love was planted 2000 years ago. Mankind wasn’t ready yet to see the truth, to let go of the illusions that they have always held too close, to take on a new truth, one that would have set every man, woman and child free.

You were the ones, beloved, that were with me. You were the ones, then and through all the ages that have guarded this beautiful seed of energy called The Christ. You have been here upon this earth over and over and over again, nurturing it, keeping it hidden from those who would seek to destroy it, making sure it had just enough of you to stay alive. You have continued to feed it, water it just as you would a young sapling, or a child who came to your care. You knew that it must be cared for and nurtured, but at the same time hidden. This has been a very difficult role you have taken on over many of your lifetimes. And yes, you are tired. You grow weary and you want to give up on your fellow man. Yet I tell you this- this too is perfect for you. You too must include yourselves among the masses of this planet, of this consciousness in order to harvest the energy that has now grown to maturity.

You look around you, day after day after day, and you see the world you live in. You listen to your television, you read your newspapers, you bear witness to the madness around you, and what do you do? You judge it. You call it imperfect. You reject it because it somehow doesn’t fit with your ideals of what an evolved society would look like from your perspective. Yet this I tell you- all is perfect and all has always been perfect. Mankind has taken its time coming to the realization that all there is, is love, and there are those who would argue with that statement even now, 2000 years later. There will always be those who will argue with it because they have not yet experienced what unconditional love really is and therefore do not believe it can exist here in your reality. But in their own time, in their own way, each soul will come to realize the truth of this. Each soul will eventually experience itself fully and this experience will be done through the duality that exists in your reality.

When I was born into human flesh, it was the result of the masses needing a saviour, of them calling, pleading, begging their God to provide someone to pull them from their misery. And so, just as there is a human group consciousness, so is there a divine group consciousness which responded by sending I, the one you call Jesus Christ. Yes, I brought with me many gifts from your divinity to you, one being the gift of unconditional love. But your human selves didn’t understand this. You wanted outward power, not inward power since you had no understanding of what being powerful within yourself meant.

Truly I tell you that loving from your whole being another who means you harm, who scourges you, who puts you to death is the most powerful expression of love you can be. I even demonstrated that for you, yet you were still looking outward for your power. Only a few understood the truth, that power is only an illusion of the flesh. And no one can have power over you until you give it to them at some level. By standing in the truth of who you really are, and that is not just flesh but so much more, you shall disarm the illusion of power that others hold over you, and stand in your sovereignty. When you are prepared to stand without fear of consequences, even death unto your flesh, for who you really are, you have then reclaimed your throne in heaven. You have then seen your true identity, which is Godly upon the earth.

You have spent many lifetimes upon this earth, learning, evolving, and experiencing everything that there is to experience here. The seed that you and I planted, nurtured, and watched over is now ready to be harvested because of your willingness to believe that mankind could change and would eventually wake up to the truth. You are ready now. Lifetime after lifetime you have been guarding, watching, waiting and giving your whole selves for this moment that is upon you. When you look outside to your world, to your reality, remember that it is not about anything outside of you that will eat and drink of this divine energy. Leave the perfect world outside of you and go to the perfect world that is inside of you. It is time to celebrate the harvest, the abundance, the joy by bringing the truth of who you really are into your heart. You are already there; you are sitting at the table for the feast, ready to begin, yet you do not realize it. Let not the masses that continue to live in their own reality affect you. They are continuing to want you to sit at their table and feast on their offerings.

The choice is yours. Concentrate on what it is you are choosing, not on what others are choosing for themselves and you. By embracing fully that which you truly are, and seeing duality for what it is, you may learn to appreciate the world and all its differences. Until mankind are able to reconcile the vastness of the universe and the differences not only of mankind but also those who exist in the heavens, they will not be able to achieve unconditional love. That is being demonstrated in your world as we speak.

Mankind is intolerant of itself, of the different colours of skin, religious beliefs, practices, traditions, sexual orientations, rich people, poor people, people who talk to God and angels and those who don’t. Until mankind can come to terms with each other and embrace their fellow man, there shall be no peace on earth. You shall not be able to love each other as One until you can love each other as individuals. This is why you gave yourselves different appearances and practices. You have set it up beautifully for your own evolution. And you shall never fully embrace your divinity and those heavenly bodies who are coming to help you understand this until you unite yourselves as One. Remember, all flesh is the embodiment of a soul of God no matter what it looks like, how it acts, what is says or what its intentions are. This indeed applies to all matters of flesh, earthly or unearthly. And there is nothing outside of you that is more powerful than you when you can love one another and yourself, no matter what.

This is the time of year when many different beliefs, practices and traditions are playing out for you. It is the time when you try to go inside and rekindle that spark, that magic, the flame of divinity that knows and understands its true identity. When you allow yourself to get distracted with gift buying, hustle and bustle as you call it and the busyness you give yourselves in the name of peace and tranquility, you can’t help but feel drained, tired, sad. You do these things because that is what is expected of you by others. You are expected to expend your energy, your money, your health and happiness by once again going outside of yourselves to express the love and oneness that you are feeling inside. I’d say this is a poor substitute.

For some of you, these expressions do indeed rekindle that fire of magic inside, but for others, Christmas is simply a day that has to be dealt with and gotten through. You really will experience duality here by either feeling the Oneness with everyone, or by feeling complete separation and lack. The choice is yours but know that by going to the heart, feeling the unconditional love and Oneness with your fellow man, then by expanding that feeling to include your universe and all that exists there, you will indeed have awakened the energy that was intended at the first Christmas, my birth upon your good earth. Look not to the saviour that was born 2000 years ago in flesh, but to the true meaning and intention that divinity brought- that you now and have always had the ability to save yourselves and find the peace that you so long for. It is in your human hands, not in God’s hands.

It is time to sit at the feast table and celebrate your long journey. It is time, if you so choose, to eat and drink of unconditional love that exists inside of each one of you, and to feel the joy and magic of bringing this gift to all those around you. Not a physical gift, but a gift of kindness, of acceptance, of love. Do these things for others and you will understand what the true spirit of Christ really is. You will feel the true joy and gratitude of giving burst forth from your heart and experience what unconditional love is really all about. Can you imagine a world of acceptance of each other every day, not just on Christmas? Can you imagine the true feelings of joy and bliss that would descend upon mankind? Indeed heaven on earth. Keep imagining it, for this is the first step in the creation process, and the re-birthing of my energy into your hearts.

Go in peace my beloved, and the joy of knowing that the day of your feast with me is finally at hand.
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