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Rev. Amanda Van Overbeek, C.E.H., C.S.H., C.D.W.
Rev. Wendy Hudson, D.Div., C.A.E.H., C.S.H., C.D.W.


Signs You May Need A House Cleansing

*Feelings that you're being watched or aren't alone
*Psycho-kinesis (things move around by themselves, doors slamming, unexplained noises)Fotolia 15890928_XS
*Sudden, re-occurring or unexplained illness
*Sudden, unexplained changes in behaviour especially in children                         
*Nightmares or other sleep disturbances
*Sudden fear and/or panic attacks
*Unexplained or sudden depression
*Extreme tiredness and/or low energy
*Prolonged negative mood swings including sadness, anger and rage
*Cold or warm spots in your house or on your property
*A series of sudden, unexplained accidents
*Unexplained electronic equipment malfunction including blinking   lights
*Strange scents such as perfume or other unexplained smells
*Items are continually being misplaced
*Unexplained shadows or actual apparitions
*Pets begin to behave strangely
*Hearing unexplained cries or whispers
*Unexplained scratches and bruises upon waking
*A general uneasy feeling in your house
*General, unexplained fear of being in a particular room or area of your home or property
*Unexplained writing on walls or paper, handprints or footprints
*Seeing things out of the corner of your eye that disappear when you look straight at them
*Unexplained smoke or mist that disappears
*Your house is located next to a cemetary
*You know of negative past history in your home
*You notice strange occurrences after purchasing antiques, jewellery or furniture


Our Services

Basic Consultation (includes the first 1/2 hour free)

Before we can proceed with a tailor-made service for you and your unique situation, we must assess the environment in which you're living as well as speak with everyone who lives under the same roof.  This basic assessment involves a walk through of the premises as well as a one on one sit down consultation where we will get feed back of your personal experiences and concerns. We will also discuss with you our findings and a plan of resolution that suits you and everyone involved.  This initial consultation may take up to 2 hours....$99.99.  

House Cleansing (requires Basic Consultation first)

When we move into a new house, we like to make sure it's cleaned from a physical perspective.  We paint, vacuum, wash the floors, etc. but often, we're not always aware of any residual, negative energies that may have been left behind from the previous residents.  Those negative energies can have a great effect on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well and often will cause many of the disharmonies noted in the above "Signs You May Need A House Cleansing".  During the actual house cleansing stage, we will be using a variety of herbs, incense, crystals, singing bowls, high vibrational energy and angelic assistance to rid your living space of any unwanted negative energies that are never there with our highest good in mind. This "ceremony" will be tailor made to suit your beliefs and will honor any religious traditions you may have.  Prices vary depending on the size of the space you want cleansed and the time it will take us to cover all areas involved.

Apartment size- $99.99
Up to 1600 sq/ft- $124.99
1600 to 3000 sq/ft- $174.99

Over 3000 sq/ft- by assessement
Property and yard space- by assessment

Personal Cleansing

Quite often, it isn't just the personal space that needs to be cleansed, but also the people that inhabit that space.  Since you and those under your roof will affect the ambient energy and general mood of the house, it is important that each person be aware that their beliefs and emotions may influence and actually attract either positive or negative energies and entities into their personal space, thus affecting everyone in the general vicinity.  During the initial consultation, we may advise you of steps you and your family members can take to do their own personal healing work if this should be the case. Private and personal healing sessions are available through students of The Awakening Angels School For Healing, Enlightenment and Ascension Mastery, many of whom won't charge a fee, or the possibility of attending the school is also an option to completely get in touch with and heal emotional and energetic wounds.  Please see this website under the Energy School section for a list of names and locations of available students who are taking new clients.  We will always provide you with all the information you need to make this personal and informed decision.

House Blessings

The tradition of blessing a house before or after it's occupied is thousands of years old and the intent is to only allow positive energies to enter into your living space.  Your home is an extension of your body and spirit and so in bringing the intention to hold love, happiness, health, abundance and harmony to yourself, it will directly affect not only your environment but you as an individual as well.  A house blessing is best done with the entire family present since all who live there will have a direct influence over the house energies. The ceremony involves a light cleansing of the house and a gift basket that holds the symbols for the blessing:  rice, bread, salt, sugar, candles, wine (please specify red or white) and a plaque for the house.  ....$124.99


#1- Consultation, House Blessing, Gift Basket                                                              $174.99(save $50)
#2- Consultation, House Cleansing up to 1600 sq/ft                                                      $174.99(save $50)
#3- Consultation, House Cleansing up to 3000 sq/ft                                                      $224.99(save $50)
#4- Consultation, House Cleansing up to 3000 sq/ft, House Blessing with Gift Basket      $299.99(save $100)

**Please note that all prices are subject to change based upon any additional service requirements.  All prices quoted do not include HST (13%).  If you are not located in the Cornwall, Ontario area, additional travel charges may be added.


Other Available Services

A general assessment of the energy flow of your living space which may include Feng Shui is also available.  Also, any personal counselling sessions or other services outside of those listed above will all be billed at a pre-determined price.


About Your Ghost-Dusters

Rev. Amanda Van Overbeek, C.E.H., C.S.H., C.D.W.

Amanda is aware that she has been on a spiritual journey since
she was very young, when she discovered her natural gifts for being IMG 2127_3

able to recognize and communicate with Spirit beings.  While in the
process of seeking spiritual answers, Amanda explored many different
religions and belief systems.  This has given her a diversity of interests
and a unique and tolerant perspective for the beliefs and traditions of
those around her.

With the love of her spirit and angels guiding her on this quest, she was
led on a path to her own personal healing and to an even greater spiritual
awakening.  In 2009, Amanda enrolled in The Awakening Angels School
For Healing, Enlightenment and Ascension Mastery, where she quickly
became educated in the human energetic system and graduated as a
compassionate and skilled healer.  She became one of the first students
in the school to become a Certified Energy Healer and since then has also
obtained certification in Relaxation Therapy, Spiritual Healing, Transitional
Dreamwalking and is an Ordained Interfaith Minister.

Amanda lovingly combines all these abilities, skills and awarenesses into her
own private practice called "Light N Up" so she can continue to help awaken
others to their own spiritual path and personal abilities.  Amanda is also a
staffing member of The Awakening Angels School.  You can contact her
either through this website or you can email her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Rev. Wendy Hudson, D.Div., C.A.E.H., C.D.W., C.S.H.

img 0144 2 Wendy's calling to work with energy and angels happened many years  ago as part of her personal awakening.  The path she has taken since  then has drawn her into many encounters with angelic beings and she  has spent many years refining the gift of being able to receive their  loving messages.

 With their guidance, she attended Inner Focus School for Advanced  Energy Healing to become skilled in a wide variety of energetic healing  modalities including hands on healing, sub-personalities, belief systems  that may limit our potentials, inner children who are waiting to be  recognized as well as the chakra and auric systems.  She has also  explored the many aspects of who we are as physical and spiritual  beings.  She has received her Doctorate of Divinity degree and is an  Ordained Interfaith Minister.  She also holds certifications in Advanced  Energy Healing, Transitional Dreamwalking, Spiritual Healing and is a  Deliberate Creation Facilitator.

 In 2007, with her husband Steve, she opened Twin Flame Creations  Inc. where they both facilitate a variety of fun, interactive workshops  and seminars with the purpose of inspiring and awakening others to who they really are.  In 2009, they expanded their own potentials and opened a healing school called The Awakening Angels School For Healing, Enlightenment and Ascension Mastery where they take their teaching skills to a whole new level by showing their students how to heal others while learning how to heal themselves.  Their students have had great success in releasing old, stuck issues and finding freedom, sovereignty and real joy perhaps for the first time.  Their spirits calling is to inspire and awaken the consciousness and awareness in others to help them transform into their authentic selves.  More information on their workshops, services and healing school can be found on this website. 


Fotolia 22778492_XS


More Information On Hauntings and Personal Work


It needs to be said that although actual, true hauntings are rare,  they do happen.  True hauntings are usually tied to a specific location or an issue that the spirit was unable to resolve during their lifetime.  In such cases, we will make contact with the displaced spirit and attempt to dreamwalk it to the other side where it will no longer be in a state of unresolved limbo, thus resolving any paranormal activity it might have been responsible for.  We may do a follow up appointment at no charge to you to make sure there is no residual energies present.

Quite often though, paranormal activity is caused by one or several of the occupants of the house due to personal, negative energies such as unresolved anger, rage, grief, traumas, negative belief systems and any number of other issues.  We can not stress enough the importance of doing your own personal, healing work to raise your own vibration sufficiently as to no longer attract negative energies to yourself and your environment.  You'll know you don't have a true haunting but are instead in need of personal healing if you have moved several times only to find the same paranormal occurrances happening again. We will guide you to available services that will help you promote your own personal healing process.

Many people do experience paranormal activity whether in the form of a true haunting or as unwanted negative energies in some form and are often in fear of being labeled as "crazy" and therefore they choose to exist with those energies instead of telling anyone or doing anything about it.  We assure you that the practitioners involved in your personal house cleansing and/or blessing have been working with such energies for many years and are prepared and experienced on the many different types of energies and/or entities we may encounter.  Since many of these negative energies feed off of fear, we will do our best to educate and empower you on ways you can cleanse and protect yourself and your environment in the future. 

It also needs to be said that we are NOT ghost hunters.  We are not interested in "proving" that ghosts and displaced spirits exist since we are already aware that they do.  We hope you will place your trust in us to lead you to a place of resolution for your concerns. 

Terms and Conditions

1.  All practitioners of Good Vibrations as well as students, staff and faculty of Twin Flame Creations Inc. have the right to refuse any service at any location and under any circumstances where they feel threatened, manipulated, abused, mislead or misinformed by the client or by the environment where the service is to be performed.  

2.  All clients agree to pay the cost of the Initial Basic consultation up front by either credit card, cheque or cash though this website or in person prior to the service being performed.  All other services discussed in the Plan of Resolution during the initial consultation are to be paid as follows:  50% up front and 50% upon completion.  If the client wishes, they may pay the entire fee up front.

3.  If during the free first half hour of the initial, basic consultation, any practitioner of Good Vibrations or Twin Flame Creations Inc. feels for whatever reason that they can not proceed with any additional services including the completion of the Intial Basic Consultation, then the price of the basic consultation will be refunded in full to the client.  Additional travel fees will still apply.

4.  During the Plan of Resolution in the initial consultation, all additional services will be agreed upon by both parties and a Contract of Services shall be drawn up and signed by both parties. 50% of the price of all scheduled future services are to be paid before another appointment is given.  If the additional appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice by the client, the client agrees to forfeit the 50% deposit. 

5.  We reserve the right to call in additional personnel to assist in any house cleansing or personal work that we feel would assist us in completing any service for the client.  This will be at our discretion and will not affect the cost of the agreed upon services.

6.  We reserve the right to take video or audio recordings of any service or initial consultation for reporting and documentation purposes.  We agree to keep all personal client informatioin including name and address private and for our use only.  We base our business on integrity and confidentiality and will only release any personal, private information with the clients written permission.  All video and audio recordings become the sole property of Good Vibrations and its parent company Twin Flame Creations Inc. and can be used in whatever way we choose without your permission. 

7.  During a house cleansing, you and/or your pets may be asked to leave the premises to protect your person especially if there are allergy and/or breathing issues with anyone in your household.  We encourage residents of the household to participate in the cleansing ceremony; however, in the rare case of a true haunting and for the protection of the client, we may ask for the house to be vacated.  Please also be advised that we may leave salt, water and ash residue on your premises that we will advise you how to handle.  It is also advised that all personal valuables, monies, jewellery, etc. be placed in a safe place or kep with the client.  Good Vibrations and Twin Flame Creations Inc. are not responsible for any articles or valuables that are either broken or go missing during our services.

8.  Good Vibrations, Twin Flame Creations Inc. or any practitioner therein will not be held liable for any adverse effects caused by any service provided to the client, any household members, pets or visitors on the premises.  The client understands that all advice, actions, inactions, information given and received from Good Vibrations, Twin Flame Creations Inc. or any practitioner therein is the sole responsibility of the client and that all of the above information has been disclosed in a clear and appropriate manner.  The client reserves the right to decide whether or not to follow any advice, actions, inaction or information given and agrees that they are responsible fully for that decision and shall not hold Good Vibrations, Twin Flame Creations Inc. or any practitioner therein liable in any way.  


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